Survivors for Cannabis

11 October 2018

Survivors for Cannabis: Healing the Wounds of PTSD With Community & Cannabis. Online forum voor getraumatiseerden die baat hebben bij het gebruik van Cannabis.

“There’s been a good deal of attention paid to cannabis for combat vets with PTSD over the last five years [...]” Melanie Nakashian says. “But there’s also been a big missing part of the conversation. And in the meantime, the stigma people face as both survivors of sexual trauma and as cannabis consumers can leave them feeling isolated, marginalized, and shamed.”

That’s why Nakashian—herself a survivor of sexual assault and abuse—created the online forum Survivors for Cannabis last year to spur discussion, including an Instagram page where people of all genders, orientations, ages, and ethnicities can share their stories. Lees hier meer over de persoonlijke ervaringen en de discussie onder gebruikers, met gerelateerde artikelen.

Bron: Leafly, 9 oktober 2018